Rapture, Blister, Burn

 Salt Lake Acting Company's production is very much of this particular moment. Adrianne Moore's direction is crisp, and gently emphasizes the material's strong points while eliding the weaknesses smoothly.”

City Weekly

In “Rapture, Blister, Burn,” empathetic performances explore the consequences of making choices.


What keeps the play buoyant are Gionfriddo's clever dialogue and the empathetic way the actors approach their conflicted characters, mining their strengths and weaknesses. 

Rapture, Blister, Burn" reveals that discussions about feminism and its impact on individual lives can be enlightening and entertaining.  

Adrianne Moore's subtle direction evolves with a down-to-earth, natural rhythm.”

Salt Lake Tribune

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4,000 miles

Adrianne Moore’s direction has a low-key, relaxed feel that matches the flow of Leo and Vera’s gradually unfolding relationship 


In its exploration of a multigenerational relationship, "4000 Miles" has a gentle, but insightful, touch that gradually reveals the ties that bind and separate in a family.” 

Salt Lake Tribune

Perfectly balancing laugh-out-loud comedy and deeply emotional terrain in nearly everyscene”Cohen, so good in so many Utah theater roles through the years, digs in to her role as the elderly Verawith aplomb; it’s a truly excellent performance from the opening scene to4000 Miles‘conclusion 90minutes later. And Grant is a revelation as Leo, the 20-year-old theater newbie going toe-to-toe withCohen and doing more than holding his own.Strung together gracefully by director Adrianne Moore, the collection of episodic scenes spanning threeweeks’time equate to a whole story that is remarkably satisfying. And with a script performed so well byall involved,4000 Milesis a must-see spring production for Utah theater lovers.”


Director Adrianne Moore reveals her gift at working with actors. She keeps “4000 Miles” centered around the play’s emotional core. Though tinged with melancholy, the play is quite humorous, and Moore deftly balances the heartfelt moments amid the laughs.” 

Deseret News

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How to Make a Rope Swing

Rope Swing' addresses age-old attitudes with vibrant new voice” 

It is hard to imagine more moving, truly human portrayals of these two characters than Jayne Luke and Glenn Turner deliver. Luke has an amazing ability to give abrasive characters softer edges; she subtly peels away Delores' authoritative defenses to expose the caring woman dedicated to "rescuing the minds of young people." Turner laces Bo's self-confident bluster and bravado with flashes of the bitterness and anger felt by someone who has had to learn to live with discrimination. His Bo has a zest for life that is unquenchable. 

Even Lucas Bybee's Mick has unexpected depth. Underneath his affable, hasn't-got-a-clue surface lie sensitivity and genuine concern. Adrianne Moore's intuitive direction unobtrusively tunes into the emotional ebbs and flows of Fisher's writing.

Salt Lake Tribune

SLAC brilliantly produces premiere of 'How to Make a Rope Swing.”

Deseret News

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Last Train to Nibroc

Last train to Nibroc just might be one of the best little plays you’ve never heard of. Both Coons and Humes deliver deliciously nuanced performances that make the emotional transition [from a relationship fueled mostly by the friction between heir clashing small town values into something more tender and accepting] completely believable."

Herald Journal

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Streetlight Woodpecker

On the play’s inaugural night, the actors nailed the Philadelphiandialect (a credit to the coaching ofAdrianne Moore), which didn’t feel over-emphasized."

Artists of Utah

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Dialect coach Adrianne Moore deserves special recognition. Accents done well are easy to overlook,whereas poorly executed accents can distract from the efforts of everyone else in a show. In Tribes, the characters’ brand of southern English accents clearly communicated their educated middle-class status.and stayed consistent throughout the show."

Utah Theatre Bloggers.

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Good People

As played by actor Nell Gwynn, Margaret's vulnerability is expressed in the awkward way she turns herhead in discomfort when she's embarrassed or in the way her long fingers flutter when she's explainingaway all the reasons she is late to work. Thanks to Gwynn's awkward movements and her just-rightdelivery of a South Boston accent (under the direction of dialect coach Adrianne Moore), the actorembodies Margaret with authenticity."

Salt Lake Tribune

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Boeing Boeing

Gloria (Sara J. Griffin) is a brassy, opinionated American who works for TWA. Gabriella(TracieThomason) is a charming, emotional Italian who flies with Alitalia.And Gretchen (Nell Geisslinger) is anathletic, autocratic German with Lufthansa. Vocal coach Adrianne Mooremakes sure that each accent isdistinct and intelligible.Only a Frenchman could writeBoeing Boeing. And only the Utah Shakespeare Festival could create aproduction that is so clever and enjoyable."

Salt Lake Tribune

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