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I am a Theatre Director and Dialect Coach for theatre and film with experience in coaching actors in a wide array of accents from Irish and Australian to Boston to Hungarian. I’m interested in how actors learn and in developing a coaching style that works for the particular actor I’m working with. I’m also a voice teacher for actors so, depending on production needs, I’m also frequently working with actors on vocal delivery as well as dialect. 

I’m a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) and also of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC)

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A lot has changed in the world and in my small part of it. A number of theatre projects are on hold for a while and what was to have been a very busy summer for me is now looking a bit more relaxed. I can’t wait to dive back into these productions, which were in various exciting stages of preparation, when live theatre resumes. How to Transcend a Happy Marriage (Salt Lake Acting Company), Brighton Beach Memoirs (Lyric Repertory Theatre) and The Mad Woman of Chaillot and Stones in His Pockets  (American Players Theatre) have all been sensibly postponed.  This summer will see a big transition for me.  I will be leaving academia, after 20 years of combining teaching and professional gigs, to focus on freelance work as a theatre director and a voice and dialect coach. In the meantime, until the work kicks in again, I’m lucky to have dogs, a mountain bike and a stunningly beautiful place to live.

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